What is the procedure for an upholstery replacement?

What is meant by an upholstery replacement?
Do you have medical upholstery on your dental units that is no longer attractive or damaged, or are you planning fresh colours for your dental units? Then contact us. With the information about your dental unit and your desired colour, we can manufacture new upholstery parts for you while you continue to treat without downtime. After the upholstery of your choice has been manufactured, an appointment will be made at which your old upholstery will be dismantled, and the new upholstery will be fitted. A service that has been established for decades to ensure smooth practice operations.
What types of artificial leather are suitable?
Dental units are medical devices and are therefore subject to special regulations. Imitation leather is the best choice for the upholstery cover material because imitation leather meets the requirements for the cover materials of medical upholstery. But not all artificial leather can be used! Imitation leather on medical upholstery must provide a cytotoxicity test according to EN ISO 10993 (biocompatibility), as the material is in direct contact with the patient. For this reason, only synthetic leather that can prove approval for this purpose is suitable. In addition, artificial leather for the medical sector is hard-wearing and durable.
How do I identify my upholstery?
Fill out our inquiry form on the home page. You are also welcomed to upload photos so that we can better identify your dental unit. You are also welcomed to call us on T. +49 (0)551 50 06 202 or write an email to polster@dkl.de or use the WhatsApp chat function on our site. We are happy to help you with any questions.
What do I have to consider when choosing a colour?
If only individual upholstery needs to be replaced due to damage or signs of age, the most important criterion is colour matching with the rest of the upholstery. DKL has an extensive range of colours with the most common colours from manufacturers of dental tables. You can look at the colours in our online shop, and we can also send you colour samples if you wish. You are also welcomed to use the inquiry form on the home page to send us photos. Please always include a photo of the entire unit and a detailed photo. Not every colour can be clearly identified from photos, but we would be happy to clarify the further procedure with you.

How are medical upholstery professionally cleaned, disinfected and cared for?

What do I have to consider when cleaning my dental upholstery?
Important! Always remove visible soiling or discolouration immediately! In particular, discolouration of clothing soaks into the imitation leather material and can then hardly be removed. Jeans, stretch material or leather tend to discolour. In the case of stubborn dirt, allow the cleaning foam from the DentaClean artificial leather cleaner to act briefly and use the DKL cleaning brush. Moisture increases the transfer of discolouration to the synthetic leather. Therefore, patients should only be bedded on dry artificial leather surfaces and the patient's clothing must not be damp due to the weather! Sensitive or heavily used upholstery must be protected. A weekly care and sealing of the imitation leather surfaces with DentaProtect reduces wear and tear and the risk of permanent clothing discoloration and dirt adhesion.
How do I properly clean and care my artificial leather surfaces?
DKL offers an extensive range of products for cleaning, disinfecting, and caring for medical upholstery, which is available in the online shop. Please note our instruction video for the correct cleaning, disinfection, and care of your medical upholstery, which is displayed in the online shop with the cleaning, disinfection and care products.
Do disinfectants damage artificial leather?
Alcohol-based disinfectants cause artificial leather to age prematurely. The material becomes brittle over time and more susceptible to dirt. Alcohol-free disinfectants are the better alternative. There are a wide variety of disinfectants. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure that the disinfectants used for imitation leather are suitable for plastics. Follow all the instructions in the manual of the disinfectant used to ensure the longest possible life for your medical upholstery.
What is discolouration and what is soiling?
Over time, dust and dirt gets on the grained surface of the imitation leather and is pressed into the depths of the grain over time through use and has the effect of a grey veil on light-coloured imitation leather. On closer inspection you can see that the dirt is deep in the grain and cannot be removed with a cloth or sponge because this only mechanically treats the crests of the grain. In such cases, the use of the DKL synthetic leather cleaning brush is ideal. This effortlessly removes the contamination from the depths of the grain structure. Discolouration occurs when discolouring clothing materials such as jeans, stretch materials (elastomers) or leather give off dyes in contact with the artificial leather surfaces and these are absorbed by the artificial leather material. Discoloration of clothing is rarely greyish, but usually in the colour of the dyes that are released and only occurs in the contact area with the clothing. Discolouration is transferred over the crests of the grain and not in the depth of the grain because there is only contact with the discolouring material on the elevations.
What products can I use to clean, disinfect and care for medical imitation leather surfaces?
Please do not use home remedies, but products that are recommended and approved for use in medical practices. For the protection and longevity of the DKL artificial leather, the company DKL offers a comprehensive range of products, which you can purchase in the DKL online shop.
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